The CMTL Shavuot Library

Just in time for Shavuot, here are selections from CMTL’s Torah archive:

Synesthesia at Sinai:  Why did the Jews see voices when they received the Torah?

Who Wrote the Torah? A literary analysis in defense of unitary authorship of the Torah.

Talmud Torah as the Shared Spiritual Language of the Jewish People: Dr. Ruth Calderon’s Knesset Speech and the fulfillment of Rabbi David Hartman’s dream.

Why Study Talmud? Two foundational principles–“the humility of reason” and “the vulnerability of authority”–that we distill through Talmud study.

The Boundaries of Torah Study: Can and should our definition of learning Torah include learning from secular sources in the sciences and humanities?

A note on translations and the Book of Ruth

Translated Excerpts from Rut Rabbah


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